hair horror

I Had 18 Brushes Dangling Off My Head

As I write this I’m sitting in a 5 star hotel in Dublin writing today’s newsletter before I head out shortly to spend a whole day getting trained by the Facebook team at FB’s European HQ and maybe even meeting a FB VIP or two. Understandably I’ve been pretty excited about this amazing opportunity. I know the press will be…

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Chloe modelling her goggles (we took the stickers off before she went in the water or that would be cruel. I shall show her this photo when she is 18)

Doggy Paddle Will Do

Chloe, my 5 year old daughter, is taking daily swimming lessons over the Easter holidays. Each morning my mum or I take her down to the Dolphin Centre (not as exotic as it sounds!) in town for a half hour lesson. Today it was my turn to take her. I watched as they practiced doing front crawl and back crawl…

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apprentice screenshot

The Apprentice 2011- My TV Debut!

I’m an introvert. I love the fact that my business lets me sit at my desk and talk to women business owners all over the world, without having to step out of my front door. I prefer my own company and I don’t really like the spotlight on me. BUT over the last few years I’ve been challenging my beliefs…

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Sophie Jewry Pink

Sophie Jewry

Name: Sophie Jewry Business Name: Brand Kitchen Website: Where in the world are you? Norfolk, UK What does your business do? I teach women in business how to create and develop an awesome brand, business and life Why did you start your business? I’ve been in design and print for a decade, having started my own business when I…

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helen crewdson

Helen Crewdson

Name: Helen Crewdson Business Name: Hypoxi Therapy Ltd – we trade as Hypoxi Therapy Centre Website: Where in the world are you? Surbiton, Surrey What does your business do? We specialise in delivering a revolutionary and targeted inch loss therapy for men and women of all ages and sizes, using vacuum therapy and low grade exercise. We also offer…

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Chichi Eruchalu

Name: Chichi Eruchalu Business Name: Kanso Creative Website: Where in the world are you? Essex, UK What does your business do? Graphic and Web Design, Design Courses and VA services Why did you start your business? I wanted to do something I loved every day, that gave me the freedom to spend time with family and also challenged me…

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Turn up your me factor

Turn Up Your ‘Me’ Factor

In the first couple of years of my business I went through a phase of signing up to every freebie out there. Every webinar, telesummit, free ebook, white paper or report that had anything to do with my business, I was there, handing over my email address with excitement and anticipation! 2 years later I’ve had thousands of emails from…

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outsource baby

5 Tips On Outsourcing Your Business Baby

I asked the ladies on my Facebook page this week what their biggest business struggle was – as you can imagine I got a whole raft of replies (which gave me some ideas for some fabulous blog posts) and one lady said: “Claire -  my biggest challenge is learning to trust others so I can confidently outsource to free up…

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busy broke

The Too Busy & Broke Pattern

When I start working with a new client I ask them what they want from their business and they often look at me with a mixture of confusion and mild panic and tell me they’re not sure what I mean. So, I say to them “why you doing this? What was your dream? Why did you set up your business…

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identical copy

The Pain Of Getting Copied

I nearly went off track this week. I nearly let something distract me and take my eye off the ball. Which would have been a real shame because I’m usually so focused and clear on what I want to achieve. But it’s understandable because it felt very close to home and it really got my hackles up. Just for a…

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cuppa and a notebook


Perfect When you have a business, You want everything to be perfect. Your website Your logo Your products Your business cards Your ‘elevator pitch’ And you think that you can’t go out there and market your business and sell your stuff until it’s all PERFECT. But it never is. There will always be something that’s not quite perfect to you….

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How Not To Attract Hairy Builders

Let me tell you a story… …a lady messaged me via Facebook and said “Claire, I’m at the end of my tether. I am thinking of giving up my Reflexology business because this marketing thing is tooooo hard. I’ve spent a fortune on Facebook ads, I’ve got a website and people still aren’t buying.” Does this sound familiar? Hmmmm. So…

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are you losing sales because of this?

Are You Losing Sales Because Of This?

I was watching the Hotel Inspector with my hubby today and he said ‘why can’t these hotel owners SEE what’s wrong, it’s so obvious!’. Here’s what I said – “they can’t see, they are just too close!” Then that got me thinking because I’ll bet you are making some of the same mistakes. Tweet: Top Tip: Take a step back…

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what else can I sell you for free?

What Else Can I Sell You For Free?

What A Difference An Hour Makes… I was chatting to one of my VIP clients this morning. She told me that she was feeling a bit fed up because she’d somehow got herself into a situation where she was doing lots of things for free. Now, over the last few months while I’ve been working with this client, she’s taken…

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empty purse

Money & How To Not Sound Desperate Even When You Are!

The mortgage payment is due, the kids need new school shoes, you’re feeling stony broke and you have no idea where your next money is going to come from. You’re frantically trying to sell stuff to make ends meet – you want business. ANY business – you’re putting yourself out there to anyone who will have you. You’re dropping prices…

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Mindmap Magic For Blogging!

Oooh I love Mindmaps, yes I dooooooo <3 Mindmaps have given me the ability to take the zillions of thoughts flying around my head and turn them into blog posts, e-books, articles and programmes. You see, I don’t find it easy to write. It’s not a natural talent of mine. I need help to extract the good stuff and get…

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mellow skincare travel set

My Perfect Travel Set

I’m off on my holidays this week and I was looking for a travel set to take with me. Now, I have a problem with travel sets because they usually have teeny shampoos and shower gels that would last me about 3 days – I wash my hair every day when I’m on holiday because I go in the pool…

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I Give You Permission To Stop Doing It!

That Thing You Hate? I Give You Permission To Stop Doing It!

I had a moment today when a friend of mine asked me to introduce her to someone via Linked In. I had never even heard of the person she wanted to be introduced to but, sure enough, she was connected to me on Linked In. I looked at my Linked In Account and realized that I never use it. I…

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juggling vintage girl

The Multi-Business Myth – Are You Juggling Too Many Businesses?

Nearly every week in the Girls Mean Business Club the topic comes up of running several businesses at the same time, so I know it’s a big issue! In fact, I have first hand experience of this: I’ve been in a position where I was running three businesses at the same time, even as late as last year. And I…

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How To Get Profitable Customers You Love To Work With

How To Get Profitable Customers You Love To Work With

I was part of a discussion that took place this week among my new ’30 Days To Boost Your Biz’ ladies. They have just done their module on Ideal Customer and many of them were talking about just how few ‘good’ customers and how many ‘bad’ customers they work with. I think it was an eye opener for them because…

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squeeze every last sale

Squeeze Every Last Sale Out Of 2013

I was chatting to one of my VIP clients today because she posted a message in our private Facebook group saying that she’s been really busy but will now be quiet till February, as that happens every year. Pardon? I said. Quiet? Till February? I think not! I challenged her to buck that trend and create sales now and in…

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thriftastic marketing

[Class] Thriftastic Marketing – How To Market On A Shoestring Budget

  Is this you?  Are you struggling for ideas to market your business on a shoestring budget? Are you SICK of wasting money on advertising that costs a fortune and doesn’t work? Do you wish you had a way of promoting your business that didn’t cost the earth…But still gets results? Do you need some simple, proven strategies that you…

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ECOVER TEMPLATE Easy E-Newsletters

[Class] Easy E-newsletter Marketing For Scaredy Cats & Technophobes

How To Create And Use E-Newsletters In Your Marketing (Even If You’re A Complete Beginner) You’ve heard of e-newsletters, right? You know you should be using them in your business but … You don’t know where to start. You’re scared of the technology. You have no idea what you’d write. And you have no-one to send it to anyway.  …

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Add Sparkle To Get Sales

Add More Sparkle And Get More Sales!

We were decorating our Christmas tree this week – Chloe aged 5 was sooo excited and we had a lovely, fun time. I’ll be honest, this year (like every year) our Christmas tree looks like an explosion in a decoration factory. Each year I look longingly on Pinterest and in ‘style’ magazines at those beautiful, ‘professional’ Christmas trees and have…

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marieclaire screenshot

My ‘Marie-Claire’ Top Time Management Tips

A few weeks ago, Marie-Claire Magazine asked me to write some time management tips for their readers to help them avoid panic-induced stress. The link to the article with more tips from other time management experts is at the end of this blog but I’ve shared my top 5 here for you so you can put them into practise right…

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woman who's quit

Are You A Premature Quitter?

  I was answering questions in The Girls Mean Business Club today and one of them was from a lady with a coaching business. She was frustrated, worn out and about to quit. Why? She had spent the last few weeks in a marketing frenzy. Her new business is about to launch and she’s been full of passion and enthusiasm…

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Tackling Overwhelm By Focusing On One Thing A Day

Claire Mitchell of The Girls Mean Business Talks About Focusing On One Thing A Day. Your to-do list is huge, you have different businesses or different parts of your business that you’re trying to market but you’re completely overwhelmed. Try this simple approach to make sure that you can cope with the different aspects of your business without breaking out…

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The Multitasking Myth

We girls are taught from being small that we’re supposed to be brilliant at multitasking. That’s fine, except when we’re talking business. Multitasking in business is a really inefficient, unproductive way to work and you need to stop it! Claire Mitchell of The Girls Mean Business tells you how.


How NOT To Deal With Overwhelm

I got a Facebook message from one of my Club ladies this week which basically said “Waaaaaaaaah I’ve got so much to do and I just want to hide under a rock until it goes away”. She has 3 small children, she’s not been well and her hubby has had a sick bug too. Her clients were baying for blood…

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Emma Holmes Mums In Franchise200

Girls Who Mean Business – Emma Holmes

Name: Emma Holmes Business Name: Small Business Franchise Association & Mums in Franchise Where in the world are you? County Durham, UK What does your business do? I help business owners to franchise their business in an affordable way. I help franchisees to build their franchise and be more successful in their marketing. Why did you start your business? I set up my business…

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Sarah Clive TGAG150

The Girl’s A Genius – Sarah Clive

Name Sarah Clive Business The Superhero Academy What’s your business? I run the Superhero Academy (head on over to to have a peek for yourself!) What does your business do? I teach people how to develop their authentic voice and public speaking skills. I then work with my clients to help them find a way to make their authentic…

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easy pr tip to get you in the media

An Easy PR Tip To Get You In The Media

Have you ever wondered how you could get up close and personal with journalists? Wouldn’t you love to know what stories they’re working on so that you can jump in there and give your ‘expert opinion’ on a topical issue? Wouldn’t it be great to see when they are looking for a case study or an example of a specific…

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keep your customers happy

3 Secrets To Keeping Your Best Customers

Getting new customers takes a lot of work. You’ve put all that work into marketing and managed to entice lots of lovely buyers. Now what are you doing to encourage them to stay with you? (And you DO need to encourage them to stay, otherwise they might be tempted by a better offer and leave). Let me share 3 secrets…

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how much should i spend on marketing

How Much Do I Need To Spend On Marketing?

Every week in The Girls Mean Business Club the same questions come up again and again. ‘How much do I spend on Facebook ads?’ ‘How much should I pay for my website?’ ‘How much should I pay someone to do SEO work?’ ‘How much should I budget for marketing each month?’ And the thing is, as I tell my lovely…

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making a mountain out of a molehill

Is Making Mountains Out Of Molehills Costing You?

When we were away on holiday in August my faithful old laptop finally gave up the ghost. I was doing bits of work while we were away so I sent my hubby off on a mission to buy me a new one (you know how guys like to gadget shop, it was like his Christmas and birthday had come at…

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7 Secrets To A Profitable Direct Sales, Party Plan, Network Marketing or MLM Business

Guest Blog: If you are a lady in the direct sales (DS), party plan (PP), network marketing (NM) or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry, I am sure you love your products, the self-development, the success stories,  the sense of belonging, and the celebrations that come with the industry. Have you ever wondered if there is more than just the usual “recruit, recruit,…

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old ladies on bench

3 Ways To Get People Talking On Your Facebook Page – FAST!

How many times have you posted something exciting on your Facebook page, hoping to get a discussion going with all these people you’ve worked hard to attract, only to check back a day later and find…ZILCH. Nothing. No discussion, no likes… It’s like you have tumbleweed blowing through your FB page…… And yet other people seem to be hosting virtual…

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forehead slap

I Was Furious With Myself

I was stuck for 5 years. I mean, seriously, who’s stuck for 5 years? I didn’t feel stuck, I felt exhausted and overworked but the fact was that I was stuck. Let me explain. When I first went self-employed it was because I hated my job and decided that anything had to be better than working for my rotten boss….

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Bite Sized Marketing Tip

Bite-Sized Marketing Tip: Ditch That Multitasking Habit!

Yes I KNOW women are good at multitasking and it’s a good job too when you’re trying to make sure that your family is fed & watered and you have a (relatively) clean house. HOWEVER….multitasking is not good for business productivity. You will get far more done if you focus on ONE THING until it’s done, then start on the…

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chloe working

What I Told My 5 Year Old Daughter About Business

As a woman business owner or female entrepreneur it’s really easy to get swept along in day-to-day busy-ness. Before you know it, five years have passed and you’re starting to wonder how you got to this point of burning the candle at both ends, being constantly broke and with nothing exciting to look forward to. But as I explained to…

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money sparkle

This Habit Will Make You More Money!

  I have a confession to make. I used to be scared of numbers when they were related to money. I would rather hide under the table than tackle cashflow forecasts or sales projections – it used to nearly bring me out in hives. But when I first started working with my coach, Kim Duke, she made me develop some…

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You’re Worth it! (How To Stop Discounting Your Prices!)

When business isn’t coming in as quickly as you’d like or you’re feeling the heat of the competition, it’s really tempting to think ‘I’ll just slash my prices and get more customers’ The thing is that this is a vicious circle. Once you start discounting it’s hard to stop. You’re setting an expectation with your clients and devaluing your products…

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7 Super-Easy Video Ideas For Your Business

I’m going to challenge you this week and say that you need to be using video in your marketing. Time to put on your big girl pants and try something new. Videos are so flexible – you can use them in your website, on your blog, embedded in your Facebook page, on Google+ and link to them from Twitter and…

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fishing net1.png

Are Your Precious Customers Falling Through The Net?

I was talking to one of my VIP ladies about getting new customers. She said ‘Claire, I’ve got my bases covered. I’m pretty sure that I’ve got my messages out everywhere, where my ideal customers hang out’. So I had a look and she was indeed doing really well but she’d missed a HUGE opportunity. ‘Why aren’t you doing THIS?’…

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If you’ve been following me on Facebook you’ll know that I have been encouraging the ladies on my page to use whenever they include a weblink in their Facebook posts or Twitter tweets. is ostensibly a link shortener, so it makes sense to use it on Twitter so that you stretch your 141 characters as far as possible,…

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trapped small

Are You Caught In The Price Trap?

Here’s something that comes up on my Facebook page and with the ladies I coach again and again. Pricing. In fact only last week I was talking to a new client who was working way too many hours for not enough money. I had to give her some tough love. I told her she was too cheap and giving out…

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facebook baby

How To Turn Facebook Friends and Fans Into Paying Clients Part 2

Last week I showed you 4 ways to help you harness the power of Facebook. Are you ready for some more? Fab! Off we go then. Plan, Don’t Spam! Facebook moves at a slower pace than Twitter, which means that people are less forgiving if you spam their walls with frequent, irrelevant posts. By planning two or three super-useful status…

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magic chest

How To Turn Facebook Friends and Fans Into Paying Clients Part 1

I was sipping my tea this morning and watching the orders come in from all of my Facebook friends and fans. Yes – you read that right. ORDERS. Facebook is like my little magic treasure chest – I can conjure up business from my page. And so can you, with a few pointers. When people press LIKE on your Fan…

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Free Webinar – How To Get More Facebook Likes

I just ran an extremely popular free webinar today called ‘HOW TO GET MORE FACEBOOK LIKES’ – over 500 people registered for the call. Wow! In case you missed it, here is the link to the replay sign-up page. WANT TO GET MY NEW ARTICLES EACH WEEK AND RECEIVE A BITE SIZED MARKETING TIP EACH MONDAY & FRIDAY?

overwhelmed? Enough, already!

Overwhelmed? Enough, Already!

It’s so easy to get caught up in everyday chaos. In our house we seem to have a never ending series of school appointments, fairs, concerts, prize giving, sports day, blimey! I have to fit them into my already busy days (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE seeing my little girl in these things but there are SO MANY!) and…

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