My 200k Gamechangers

My 200K Gamechangers In 2014

I’ve spent the last week planning for next year. It’s a time of reflection, when I look back over the past twelve months and see what worked and what didn’t. I love this time because it jogs my memory and reminds me how awesome it is to be a business owner. A lot has happened in the last year. I’ve…

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I Have A Cunning Plan

I Have A Cunning Plan…

I love Blackadder. If you’re not familiar with him, here’s the lowdown. He’s English, very slithery and he or his trusty sidekick Baldrick always has a cunning plan (cue half an hour of bizarre English humour).  These two are the eternal opportunists, seeing a way out of every conceivable situation in which they find themselves. But here’s the thing about…

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I'd Rather Be Marmite

I’d Rather Be Marmite

I hate Marmite. I can’t stand the smell, let alone the taste. If I have to make Marmite on toast for my daughter, I hold my breath so I don’t smell the fumes. My hubby and daughter? They LOVE it. They ask for Marmite chocolate for Christmas every year *bork* then come over and breathe on me because they know…

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3 Easy Ways To Get People To Open Your(2)

3 Easy Ways To Get People To Open Your E-Newsletters!

I’m a great fan of e-newsletters. Even though our inboxes are busier than ever, a good e-newsletter will always bring you new business and help forge strong relationships with your subscribers. But those busy inboxes I mentioned… it can be tricky to even get your e-newsletter SEEN, let alone read. So how do you cut through all that email noise…

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8 ways to get laser focus right when you need it

8 Easy Ways To Get Laser Focus Right When You Need It

Focus – it’s an elusive thing that we crave more than ever when we’re building our business and yet it’s the hardest thing to find. There are so many pulls on our time – jobs, family, whatever life throws at us that it’s hard to carve out ‘proper’ time to do marketing or write e-newsletters. To add to the mix,…

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5 Survey Secrets that will make you More Money

I love surveys, and I bet you never thought you’d see me say that! I love surveys because they bring so much to the party. They help you to understand your ideal customers, they help you with product development, relationship building and also speaking their language. You can use the survey and the results in lots of ways to help…

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The Big Fat Coaching Lie

I blame coaches. And I might get a bit sweary so you’ll have to forgive me. Not all coaches but those coaches who advertise that they can help you make £100k working 2 hours a week from your villa in Barbados – RIGHT NOW and it’s so EASY. It’s a bloody lie! A big fat coaching lie. It’s not easy….

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I Don’t Want To Be A Pest!

We were chatting about marketing in one of my client Facebook groups this week and specifically about how much marketing is too much. It’s a topic that never fails to get a discussion going because it brings out one of our deepest fears. “But what if people think I’m a pest?” There, I’ve said it. This fear that ‘people’ will…

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I Don’t Have Time!

Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time I see or hear this, I’d have a very full piggy bank. Time seems to be the single biggest thing that we women business owners stress about – or rather, a lack of it. There is so much that I could write on being productive, on being focused, on being a…

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You’re Not Made Of Butter!

Often when women business owners come to work with me, they are absolutely exhausted. For years, they have tried every idea they can think of to make money, and yet they are still working every spare minute and are STILL broke. And yet after a few weeks working with me, their fortunes change and their business starts to turn around….

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warning signs

I Shouldn’t Have Ignored The Warning Signs

When you’re a girl on a mission it’s easy to find yourself working every available hour. Evenings, weekends, kids’ nap time – you name it, you’ll be found working away on your business. I did it too and I carried on that way for about a year. That is, until I made myself really poorly. My little girl (aged 6)…

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3 Reasons You Should NEVER Ask Your

3 Reasons NOT To Ask Your Friends For Business Advice

Your fab friends. You love them. You spend hours together, putting the world to rights over a cuppa or a glass of wine. They understand you better than your family. They know you better than you know yourself. So, whatever you do, DON’T ask them for business or marketing advice! Let me explain. Your Friends Are Not Impartial Let’s face…

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market like a crazy woman

3 Secrets Of Success


One Nasty Comment Ruined Her Day

I was chatting with some of the ladies in my Big Girl Knickers Business Bootcamp this week and one lady said she had been totally thrown off track because someone had left a horrible comment on her Facebook page about her business (the silly thing is the commenter isn’t even a customer). This comment had been left the previous day…

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I Wrested A Screaming 6 Year Old Out Of A Zebra Onesie

So, yesterday morning I wrestled my screaming 6 year old daughter out of her zebra onesie because she flatly refused to get dressed. I had to wrestle her INTO her school uniform, she fought me all the way, and she got in a few strategically placed jabs and kicks in the process, all the while screaming at the top of…

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she felt weird

She Felt Weird About Making Money

I was chatting to one of my clients today who is going through a massive shift in her business, which is creating a massive shift in her life. In a call yesterday we scoped out how she could build her 100k business and it was easy. Like, really easy. She was on a total high and left the call buzzing….

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how to not make money

How To NOT Make Money – 5 Easy Tips

I know I usually tell you about how to get better at marketing, how to save time, how to be more confident but this week I decided to do something different. This week I’m going to tell you how NOT to make money – it’s so easy, you’re probably already doing it! Here are 5 great ways to NOT make…

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7 secrets

7 Secrets To Getting Fab New Customers From Social Media

Hands up if you spend AGES every week on social media sites and have nothing to show for it except a lot of wasted time and a bit of a headache? And yet you see all these businesses allegedly making tons of money using Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest to not only bring in sales and customers but get them…

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3 ways you're making it harder for yourself

3 Ways You’re Making It Harder For Yourself To Make Money

OK being a business owner isn’t always the easiest option (but there are SO many good points!) – however let’s not make it harder for ourselves to make money than it needs to be. I work with thousands of ladies via my Facebook page, The Girls Mean Business, and I see the same issues coming up time and time again….

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5 quick ways to get your email marketing selling for you

5 Quick Tips To Get Your Email Marketing Selling For You

You’ve decided you’re going to start sending e-newsletters in your business – how exciting!! And may I say, a totally brilliant plan because email marketing is a fantastic marketing tool that helps you build relationships with your customers and potential customers, helps position you as an expert and helps build your credibility. Also, email marketing keeps you top of mind…

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Is This Weird Fear Keeping You Stuck? It’s Not What You Think

There are loads of  reasons why running a business is scary. Being at the helm means that you’re responsible – responsible for the money, the staff, the sales & marketing and the legal side. With that much responsibility, being a business owner requires some serious bravery and big girl knickers. And yet there’s one fear that doesn’t often get mentioned….

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5 Productivity Hacks

5 Simple Productivity Hacks You Can Use In Your Business Right Now

I speak to loads of women business owners each week and many of them complain that they don’t have enough time to do all that they need to do in their business. When I ask them what their typical day or week looks like I can always find at least one, but usually several ways that they can save time…

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Do You Make These 5 Mistakes In Marketing?

Do You Make These 5 Mistakes In Marketing?

Every day on The Girls Mean Business Facebook page I see the same mistakes coming up time and time again. The thing is, with everything else we need to do to keep our business running, marketing is often a last minute, hurried affair in the same way that when we’re busy we grab any old food to keep us going,…

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how i made money while i was on holiday

How I Made Money While I Was On Holiday!

I know! It’s unbelievable isn’t it? There I was, sunbathing on a beach in Andalucia, Spain, looking out onto olive groves and a crystal clear lake, watching Chloe splash in the water and all the time my email was pinging with sale after sale after sale. My bank balance was growing bigger and bigger and I was doing nothing except…

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time to give in

Time To Give In?

This week on my Facebook page, one post really caught the mood of the moment and inspired over 30 women to share their stories in public. The post was all about giving in – let me share what it said: When To Give In… – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –…

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3 Money Truths

3 Money Truths You Need To Know Right Now

We were having a chat in The Girls Mean Business Club Facebook group last week about marketing and pricing and a few ladies ventured forth with some confessions. “Someone asked me about my fees the other day,” said one lady “and so I told him, and before he even had a chance to respond I carried on talking and discounted…

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why unsubscribes are great

Why Unsubscribes Are Great!

When I first started to send e-newsletters I was a nervous wreck. You know how it goes; you spend ages composing a lovely e-newsletter that you hope your subscribers will love. You carefully choose the images and make sure that it looks the part. You take a deep breath and press ‘send’ and off it goes, into the ether. It’s…

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feeling 'meh' about marketing

Feeling ‘Meh’ About Marketing? 4 Fab Tips!

Last week was a weird week. I’m not sure if it was due to my stubborn cough and cold that just wouldn’t buzz off, or something to do with the planets, but I just couldn’t get into my marketing. Usually I am bursting with inspiration. I can create classes, write blogs and zip off my e-newsletter without a second thought,…

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How I used the law of attraction to grow my business

How I Used The Law Of Attraction To Grow My Business

Did I ever tell you that the Law of Attraction helped me create a 6 figure business? No? Well, let me share what happened… In 2013 I’d been running my business for about a year. I’d done incredibly well, I was bringing in about 5k per month and I was working with an excellent coach who made sure that the…

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the politics of unfriending on facebook

The Politics of Unfriending on Facebook

Over the years I’ve had to unfriend a good few people on Facebook for certain reasons. Sometimes it’s because we’re no longer seeing eye-to-eye. Sometimes it’s because they express opinions that show them to be people I don’t really have any affinity with. Sometimes it’s because I get sick of the DRAMA and vaguebooking …’OMG I can’t believe he did…

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HOW TO GET GREAT TESTIMONIALS (And what to do with them once you’ve got them)

OK, hands up who has happy customers? Great! Do you have a testimonial from each of them, saying how great you are and how much they love your product or service? No? OK Big Girl Knickers time… Testimonials are a really important part of your marketing. They are a third party endorsing your business rather than you blowing your own…

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How I Get People Talking On My 25k Facebook Page

How I Get People Talking On My 25K Facebook Page

I’ve been using Facebook for a few years now. In the early days, when I was trying to boost the numbers on my page and build my business, I spent lots of time trying different types of content on The Girls Mean Business Facebook Page. And I pretty much got it down to a fine art. I have thousands of…

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you are not cheap

You’re Not Cheap!

YOU’RE NOT CHEAP! If you’re competing on price then you’re always focused on being the cheapest. If you only attract people who want the cheapest, you will always have to offer more for less, just to keep up. It’s a hard way to make a living. But do you REALLY want to be the cheapest? People looking for ‘the cheapest’…

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3 Social Media To Web Traffic Ideas You Can Use Right Now!

3 Social Media To Web Traffic Ideas You Can Use Right Now!

I love social media, in fact my business wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for social media. But I wouldn’t rely on it for my marketing. I use it as a place to build relationships, to get feedback, to build my profile & credibility and to showcase my products and programmes. I also use it to drive traffic to…

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5 marketing tips and need to knows

5 Marketing Tips & Need To Knows

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with marketing. So much advice, so little time! So I’ve compiled a few little marketing tips to help you shortcut the process and cut through the noise. 1. The Marketing You Do Today Will Pay Off In 3-6 Months. Marketing rarely works immediately. It can take 3-6 months for marketing to properly give results, and…

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Business Coaching

Business Coaching – My Best Investment

I took a look at my business financial figures for last year and this year to date and I was pleasantly surprised at how profitable my business is. I have very few costs, so most of what I make, other than various taxes, is mine. Which is a brilliant position to be in. There is one thing that I spend…

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Denise Duffield-Thomas Is Awesome

Last year I was lucky enough to interview the lovely Denise Duffield-Thomas of  about how to get a 100k Mindset (watch this space because I’m going to share that amazing interview with you very soon). What she shared has already totally changed the mindset and the business of LOADS of my Inner Circle and Club ladies, who have realised that…

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Leonie Dawson’s 2015 Create Your Amazing Year Workbook

My lovely friend and business manager Emma bought me Leonie’s Create Your Amazing Year Workbook from Leonie Dawson for Christmas last and it totally absorbed me for the best part of a day when I unwrapped it. Since then I’ve doodled, made lists, described big dreams, turned plans into action and all whilst taking in Leonie’s funky and unique approach…

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why i used to hate blogging

Why I Used To Hate Blogging (But I Love It Now)

My daughter Chloe’s just turned 6 and one of the biggest daily (or rather twice daily) battles I used to have with her was about brushing her teeth. I don’t know what it was about it but she would make the biggest fuss, ‘But Mummy do I HAVE to? But Mummy it’s boring! But Mummy the toothbrush makes my nose…

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how long will my marketing take to work?

How Long Will My Marketing Take To Work?

OK brace yourself. The marketing you do today will pay off in 3-6 months. I know this probably  isn’t what you wanted to hear but marketing rarely works immediately. It can take 3-6 months for marketing to properly give results, and that’s if you’re marketing little and often. Once Is Not Enough Once is just not enough and yet many…

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Facebook Likes DON'T Equal

Facebook Likes Don’t Equal Sales

Last week on my website, one of my posts got a LOT of attention. Here it is: Post by The Girls Mean Business. It sparked a lot of discussion and clearly hit a nerve. The fact is that it’s SO easy to get fixated on the numbers. I know what it’s like to be chasing the next big milestone –…

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Claire Mitchell and Sheryl Sandberg

How To Meet A Billionaire – When Claire Mitchell Met Sheryl Sandberg

Some time in late 2013 I remember spotting a little ad on the Facebook Marketing page. It said ‘have you used Facebook to build your business? Tell us about it and we might use it for a case study.’ I was busy. Really busy, but I had a gut feeling, so I thought ‘YES, I’ll do that’. So I did….

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hair horror

I Had 18 Brushes Dangling Off My Head

As I write this I’m sitting in a 5 star hotel in Dublin writing today’s newsletter before I head out shortly to spend a whole day getting trained by the Facebook team at FB’s European HQ and maybe even meeting a FB VIP or two. Understandably I’ve been pretty excited about this amazing opportunity. I know the press will be…

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Chloe modelling her goggles (we took the stickers off before she went in the water or that would be cruel. I shall show her this photo when she is 18)

Doggy Paddle Will Do

Chloe, my 5 year old daughter, is taking daily swimming lessons over the Easter holidays. Each morning my mum or I take her down to the Dolphin Centre (not as exotic as it sounds!) in town for a half hour lesson. Today it was my turn to take her. I watched as they practiced doing front crawl and back crawl…

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apprentice screenshot

The Apprentice 2011- My TV Debut!

I’m an introvert. I love the fact that my business lets me sit at my desk and talk to women business owners all over the world, without having to step out of my front door. I prefer my own company and I don’t really like the spotlight on me. BUT over the last few years I’ve been challenging my beliefs…

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Sophie Jewry Pink

Sophie Jewry

Name: Sophie Jewry Business Name: Brand Kitchen Website: Where in the world are you? Norfolk, UK What does your business do? I teach women in business how to create and develop an awesome brand, business and life Why did you start your business? I’ve been in design and print for a decade, having started my own business when I…

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helen crewdson

Helen Crewdson

Name: Helen Crewdson Business Name: Hypoxi Therapy Ltd – we trade as Hypoxi Therapy Centre Website: Where in the world are you? Surbiton, Surrey What does your business do? We specialise in delivering a revolutionary and targeted inch loss therapy for men and women of all ages and sizes, using vacuum therapy and low grade exercise. We also offer…

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Chichi Eruchalu

Name: Chichi Eruchalu Business Name: Kanso Creative Website: Where in the world are you? Essex, UK What does your business do? Graphic and Web Design, Design Courses and VA services Why did you start your business? I wanted to do something I loved every day, that gave me the freedom to spend time with family and also challenged me…

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Turn up your me factor

Turn Up Your ‘Me’ Factor

In the first couple of years of my business I went through a phase of signing up to every freebie out there. Every webinar, telesummit, free ebook, white paper or report that had anything to do with my business, I was there, handing over my email address with excitement and anticipation! 2 years later I’ve had thousands of emails from…

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5 tips on outsourcing your business baby

5 Tips On Outsourcing Your Business Baby

I asked the ladies on my Facebook page this week what their biggest business struggle was – as you can imagine I got a whole raft of replies (which gave me some ideas for some fabulous blog posts) and one lady said: “Claire –  my biggest challenge is learning to trust others so I can confidently outsource to free up…

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