How To Turn Facebook Friends and Fans Into Paying Clients Part 1

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I was sipping my tea this morning and watching the orders come in from all of my Facebook friends and fans.How To Turn Facebook Friends and Fans Into Paying Clients Part 1

Yes – you read that right. ORDERS.

Facebook is like my little magic treasure chest – I can conjure up business from my page. And so can you, with a few pointers.

When people press LIKE on your Fan Page what does it mean to you?  And more importantly – WHY are you on Facebook?

For me, each of these likes represents a woman in business. It also means I see a lot of pages, some that use Facebook well and others that are missing opportunities left, right and centre.

For this reason, I wanted to write a blog about simple ways you can better harness the marketing potential of your own page.

And I have so many tips I’ve turned it into 2 Articles for You!

4 Steps To Turn Facebook Friends and Fans Into Paying Customers:

Tell people what you’re ‘About’

Your Facebook page may be the first experience someone has of your business. By filling out the ‘About’ section and including details such as your location, opening hours or web address, as well as explaining your products and services, you can take an important first step in building a relationship with your customers. This may sound obvious but you can’t believe how many people are missing this critical bit.

Understand your brand

Every business should have a brand. A brand reflects your core values, personality and the customer journey from initial contact onwards. It can be communicated through tone of voice, specific words, images, colours, customer services or products. To be effective, your brand should be consistent. (which is why you see my cool Girls Mean Business Stick Figures everywhere!)

Whether people find you through your website, your Twitter feed, your Pinterest boards or your Facebook page, they should be able to recognize your brand from one platform to another. On Facebook, you do this by using the cover photo, profile picture, photo albums or simply through the words you choose to phrase your status updates.

Make it easy for people to buy from you

Facebook is an ideal platform through which to:

  •     showcase different products and bespoke designs with large, attractive photographs
  •     add a shop front to your page using a range of apps.

Too often though, I see pages where people upload their images but fail to include information about pricing, how to order or even how to find their website.

You have to make it easy to buy from you by giving clear instructions and prices, where available, even if you only give a price range for bespoke products. Your customers will want to know that your product fits within their budget from the outset. If you’re not making it easy for them to find out, they’ll go to a company that is.

Add value Or They’ll Buy From Someone Else

Edgerank is the algorithm that decides how many of your likers will see what you post. Crucially, it is looking for customer engagement and pages that offer real value so that people interact with them regularly. The more someone likes, shares or comments on your page, the more frequently they will see your updates and the more widely your page will be visible. It’s fine to ask people to comment, like or share your posts, just use friendly, warm language and give them a genuine reason to interact by creating relevant content aimed at your ideal customers.

So, lovely lady, why not start putting these tips into practise right now? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and you can actually start MAKING MONEY from Facebook for a change (you may as well for all the hours you devote to it!).


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