Are Your Precious Customers Falling Through The Net?

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Are Your Precious Customers Falling Through The Net?

I was talking to one of my VIP ladies about getting new customers. She said ‘Claire, I’ve got my bases covered. I’m pretty sure that I’ve got my messages out everywhere, where my ideal customers hang out’. So I had a look and she was indeed doing really well but she’d missed a HUGE opportunity. ‘Why aren’t you doing THIS?’ I asked her. Do you know what she said? ‘Claire, it feels like such a huge learning curve, I don’t even know where to start and I haven’t got time.’ I figured that if SHE was feeling like that, then you must be too.

So, let me do a little bit of mind reading here….I’m guessing that you’ve heard of it, you might even have set up a profile but you’re doing nothing with it. I’m talking about GOOGLE+.

IT’S MASSIVE and it’s only going to get bigger. Now is the time to get up to speed because I’ll bet you have customers on there who are falling through the net.

Really, I can empathise because learning to use Google+ made me feel like that too until a few months ago too, until I finally bit the bullet. I’d been putting it off for ages, coming up with reasons why it was too difficult to tackle. Then one day I realized I couldn’t afford NOT to use Google+. And neither can you.

I know it feels like a steep learning curve. I know you don’t have time. But do you know what? You could be missing out on customers and sales by not being there.

Today’s blog is going to help you see why you need to start taking Google+ seriously – AND help you get started.

If you and a competitor are doing the same marketing but they are on Google+ and you aren’t, they will probably rank higher than you in the search engines. Because Google+ (let’s call it G+ from now on) is owned by Google, it naturally gives you an advantage in Google search results. Now are you starting to understand?

It’s not as tricky as you might think. If you know your way around Facebook, there are some similarities that will help to ease the transition. The +1 function on G+ is similar to the ‘share’ function on Facebook. The more people +1 your posts, the more people will see it. But even better, the more +1s your page gets, the higher Google rates it because it shows that people are reading and sharing your content.

It’s much easier to get your message in front of the right people. Using ‘circles’ to segment your followers means that you can separate out friends, acquaintances, customers, family or any other groups you want to create. Then when you’re ready to share, you choose who can see it. You can also just opt for ‘Public’ sharing, which is where the +1 count will make a real difference to who sees it.

It’s a great place to demonstrate your expertise. When you comment on other people’s content, more people will see you and will add you to their circles. Which means that THEY get to see YOUR content.

It’s much easier to post things like photos and videos on G+. Facebook is making it increasingly difficult to get these types of content seen, whereas G+ positively encourages them.

You can fill out your profile on G+ – talk about your business, explain what it does. This description shows up in Google searches and is a great way to drive traffic to your G+ account, which will in turn drive traffic to your website if you have lots of links to content on there.

There are over 500m G+ users already so it’s a good bet that many of your customers and clients will already be on there.

Convinced yet? Here’s a little beginner’s guide to G+ from expert Jenny Braithwaite, which takes you through some of the basics. Jenny is hosting a live Google Hangout with me on 22nd August about Getting started with G+ for business. A Google Hangout is just like a webinar – you can watch and listen in live or watch the replay later. I’ll be sending out full instructions to help you get set up to watch – it’s not scary and you won’t suddenly be asked to say anything (I know you worry!). It’s just like watching TV but you can ask questions via the text chat function if you want.

Here’s the link to sign up to my free webinar on 22nd August – A Beginner’s Guide to G+ For Business’

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